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All you need to know about Marrakech butter

Easy to make yourself, Marrakech butter will allow you to concoct space cakes and other culinary preparations to enjoy the psychoactive substances of cannabis without smoking it, or simply relax with your friends. What is Marrakech butter made of and how do you prepare it at home? We take stock.

What is Marrakech butter?

Marrakech butter, also known as cannabis butter or cannabutter, is a cannabis-infused butter . It is mainly used as a base for space food , that is, foods (often cakes) that contain cannabis.

How is Marrakech butter made?

Marrakech butter is a butter that contains the active ingredients of cannabis , cannabinoids, and in particular THC which is the psychoactive substance of cannabis. To manufacture it, we will therefore extract these substances from cannabis in a fatty substance. Moreover, the cannabinoids being soluble in the fat, one can as well use butter as solvent of the extraction than vegetable oil.

The different kinds of butter from Marrakech

To make Marrakech butter , you can use different parts of the cannabis leaf. The part used will determine the quality of the final product.
Premium quality Marrakech butter is made from female flowers (called buds) and small resinous leaves called “manicure”. These are the parts of the cannabis plant that are most concentrated in active ingredients.
Marrakech butter can also be made from male plants or resinous stems; however, this will result in a lower quality butter that is more bitter and has less potent psychoactive effects.
The only parts of the plant that cannot be used are the roots. It is also not recommended to use the branches, because they will retain the fat during preparation, causing you to lose large amounts of butter.

Can you make your own Marrakech butter?

It is quite possible to make your own Marrakech butter at home. However, it is important to note that making Marrakech butter takes time. You will first have to heat the cannabis so that it can have psychoactive effects: this step activates the cannabinoids by transforming them into THC . The other option to achieve a psychoactive effect is to let the cannabis leaves dry slowly, in a natural way. But this process takes even longer!

How to dose to make Marrakech butter?

To make Marrakech butter, you will only need two ingredients: butter and cannabis leaves . Count 1 gram of leaves for 1 gram of butter for a cannabutter very concentrated in CBD, the relaxing substance of the cannabis plant. If you want Marrakesh butter that is highly concentrated in THC (the psychoactive substance), count 1 gram of cannabis buds for 5 grams of butter. The consumption of butter will then give a euphoric effect. However, it is advisable to start with a lower dosage, even if it means increasing it the following times.

The Marrakech butter recipe 

To make your own cannabis butter , you will need:
250g of butter (count around 20% wasted)
Cannabis leaves (preferably weed or manicure) turned into porridge.

Once the ingredients are together, boil a large volume of water in a saucepan and immerse the cannabis leaves in it for 10 minutes. Do not skip this step, which will rid your cannabis leaves of their toxins and fertilizer residues, without removing the active ingredients. If this step is done well, it will remove bitterness from the final product.

Use a fine cloth or microfiber cloth and place it at the bottom of a colander before draining the leaves, without squeezing them. Once the vegetable matter is drained, you can chop it. This step is also important, because the thinner the leaves, the more the contact surface between the leaves and the butter increases, which will allow the substances contained in the cannabis to melt better in the butter.

Then fill the pan with the vegetable matter (up to a third) and add a liter of water and 250g of butter. Heat slowly over low heat to keep the active ingredients of the cannabis as much as possible. Your preparation should simmer for 4 to 6 hours.

When the oil rises to the surface, the butter is ready. All you have to do is filter the mixture, pressing the leaves strongly to extract all the butter. You can then place the resulting liquid in the fridge for 24 hours: a sheet of butter will form on top.
Marrakech butter can be kept for two weeks in the fridge. You can also freeze it for later use.

How to consume Marrakech butter?

Some people consume pure cannabis butter . However, the main use of this ingredient remains the preparation of space cakes or culinary preparations based on cannabis. To prepare a space cake with cannabutter , simply replace the normal butter with cannabis butter, without changing the proportions.

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