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Buy weed in France, legal or illegal?

Cannabis, weed or weed for close friends is a very special plant. Agricultural hemp, widely used in the past, is part of French history , but why? What is so special about this plant that the whole world is interested in it? Doctors, industrialists, drug traffickers … In this article we explain its history in broad outline.

Where does the Weed we smoke come from?

History says the weed comes from Asia. Logically, this means that Asians have smoked weed before others, we respect them for that. Literature would confirm that the Chinese used cannabis over 2,500 years ago . In Europe, weed is not meant to be smoked but rather to be made into clothing . Indeed, some varieties of cannabis are very high in fiber! Weed clothes are made from 600 BC ! Later, the Europeans will decide to replace hemp fibers with cotton.

Does legal cannabis exist?

Of course, who said cannabis was illegal ? We need it too much in France , the plant itself cannot be banned on the territory. You will understand why by continuing to read the article. In the meantime, know that there is indeed legal cannabis . This is cannabis without THC , the famous molecule that creates the high effect .

This is prohibited in France when its rate exceeds 0.2% .

What else can this plant be used for?

Lots of things .. Weed is unique in that it grows really fast and some people use it to make paper . Did you know your banknotes contain poor quality hemp? The cigarette paper is made from weed ! In the 17th century, it was common to make ropes and even twine. There is also hemp concrete. As the name suggests, it is cannabis-based concrete that is used to insulate homes.

Sheet of a hemp on a background of 100 dollar bills close up

Treat yourself with cannabis?

You have certainly heard of these patients who cure their cancer by smoking, but what is it really? Many scientists agree that weed has many virtues . Weed is very useful for terminally ill patients , it allows them to relieve them of various pains. Used in the fight against multiple sclerosis and various cancers, weed is destined to be increasingly used in medicine .

A powerful anti-depressant

Swiss researchers focus on the anti-depressant side . Once again, it is the molecule called CBD that is in question. Studies have shown that people who consume CBD regularly (often in the form of oil) are less depressed than average.

A confirmed anti-emetic

Patients who undergo heavy treatment are often prescribed cannabis to prevent them from vomiting. Cannabis is a powerful anti-emetic.

A feeling of intense relaxation

Weed is known to relax and unwind muscles, a lot of it thanks to CBD , a molecule found in the plant. Many people now consume CBD in the form of a cannabis flower without THC . This allows them to find the aromas of their favorite weed . It also allows you to induce this relaxing effect without feeling the psychotropic effect of THC.

THC? What’s this ?

The THC is a molecule present in high doses in certain varieties of weed. Consumers looking for potent mind- altering effects are turning to strains that contain massive amounts of THC. This molecule causes the psychotropic effect, often in the form of giggles and intense joie de vivre . This molecule is banned in France when its rate exceeds 0.2% . The weed strictly speaking is not banned in France but THC, yes! During a roadside check you may be subjected to a test by the gendarmes, they will check the THC level in your body so you know if you are fit to drive.

Is CBD the same?

Not at all, CBD (Cannabidiol) is another molecule found in weed. This is renowned for its therapeutic virtues and does not cause any psychotropic effects . CBD in addition to relaxing the muscles and relaxing the consumer, helps to find tastes and odors usually prohibited.

Weed and France

We are unlucky enough to be part of a country where the government has decided to wage war on weed. These truth denial experts believe that weed is the cause of most of the crimes committed in our country. It is still too early to expect weed legalization in our country. This is hardly surprising, we are run by backward people totally out of touch with reality.

Why is she so popular?

The weed is popular around the world, people who use weed tend to open up more easily to others. Be careful though, in certain contexts, it can cause paranoid attacks and lock the user into dramatic isolation. Very popular around the world for its festive, hovering and casual side. The 70s were the golden age of weed, you’ve probably heard of festivals like woodstock! Hippies democratized weed, followed by all kinds of groups. Today weed is part of American culture . The latter, like the Dutch, do not hesitate to organize large gatherings whose goal is to unearth the best weed in the world .

What is the most famous weed strain?

The OG Kush is very famous, revered for a long time in the United States, it is a variety that has conquered the world. OG-Kush is associated with a THC level of around 24% , so the high effect is guaranteed. Provided of course that it is cultivated by a professional and that it evolves in an environment conducive to its development. We offer in our shop the CBD version of OG-Kush , ideal for rediscovering the aroma of the original strain without having the hovering effect and above all without the risk of losing your driver’s license.

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