Kiva Petra Mints


Kiva Petra Mints

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This edible is a new way to medicate from the makers of the award-winning and famous “triple strength” Kiva 180mg Chocolate Bars. Furthermore, each tin contains 42 refreshing 2.5mg micro dosed mints for quick and discreet medicating.

Also, only the highest quality cannabis and ingredients are infused together, making kiva petra mints an absolute “must have” breath freshener. 105mg THC | 2.5mg THC PER SERVING

Moroccan Mint
A micro-dosed blend of CA grown cannabis, green tea matcha and peppermint extract. As a result, refreshing peppermint married with light notes of Tahitian vanilla.

A micro-dosed blend of CA grown cannabis, green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil. Refreshing eucalyptus perfect for clearing the senses. All Kiva 105mg mints are packed with exceptional taste and THC potency.

Include your favorite mint with your next medicinal marijuana delivery order.  Easy and accurate dosing is simple with each Kiva mint. Buy Kiva Petra mints online from 420 Marijuana Mail today.

4 reviews for Kiva Petra Mints

  1. Leslie

    I’m not HIGH per say, but I am grounded. I might compare it too a small light buzz when you have a beer.

  2. TheStones

    They taste like actual mints and not law clippings. I’m about 1hr13min into it and im very relaxed, no couch lock and to add, I’m pretty sensative when it comes to edibles.

  3. Cornor

    The product started to hit pretty hard at 2 hours in. People who have a higher tolerance or regularly use rate this product as mild, but for those looking for something truly subtle, half of one mint may be the way to start.

  4. Junior

    Makes me relax when I’m nervous

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