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Who are we ?

Let me introduce myself, Vladica, 45 years old, I was born in Leskovac, a small town in the south of Serbia. Passionate about marijuana as a whole, I decided in 2012 when I was only 36 years old to combine passion and work, so I opened the first Leskovac growshop. A growshop is a store where you can find all the specialized horticultural and gardening equipment needed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Officially the equipment was not designed for the cultivation of marijuana but the reality on the ground was quite different, very few customers came to inquire about the cultivation of tomatoes under a lamp. It was a short adventure but intense and rich in lessons, I decided to resell my growshop in 2015.

This one still exists and is doing very well. I am delighted for the new manager. This kind of shop (when they are well managed) participate in the evolution of mentalities concerning cannabis and its uses. During these three years of activity in the growshop, I have seen a strong increase in the demand for the purchase of cannabis seeds

As the growshops were not allowed to sell cannabis seeds, I could not meet the demand. A solution was offered to me, the opening of a shop specializing in the sale of cannabis seeds. The sale of cannabis seeds in Serbia is authorized insofar as the material for the cultivation is not sold at the same time. French law authorizes the sale and purchase of cannabis seeds because they are considered as collection seeds and are prohibited from germination. So I created “Pajserov Grow Shop” in 2017 first out of a passion for cannabis genetics and also because the seed trade is much less restrictive than that of the growshop.

The seeds take up very little space to store and there are hardly any quality problems with the product, which greatly facilitates after-sales service. In addition, sharing a discussion around the seed and its genetics is a very interesting exchange, which can enrich our knowledge. You can visit us in our physical store in Leskovac, Toma, our specialist seller will be happy to welcome you and share his passion with you.

Yes, Toma is also an enthusiast because in this kind of shop passion is essential to succeed. Pajserov Grow Shop is a boutique specializing in so-called collectible cannabis seeds. We also sell items for smokers, rolling papers, grinder scales and accessories. We also sell CBD products that we have rigorously selected after having carried out a multitude of internal tests. You will be able to find oils, flowers, e-liquids, crystals and a wide choice of resins and waxes. The entire Pajserov Grow Shop team is at your disposal for additional information concerning our products or the operation of the company.

See you soon !