About us

This site emerged with the goal of acquiring more independent information about cannabis cultivation and extractions. In this first moment, we wanted to be part of a network, and we found this space on the internet where people got together to talk about a prohibited topic.

And it is difficult to quench the thirst for information in a prohibitionist universe, isn’t it?

Our network started to expand with the exchange of information: we traveled a lot, we were in different countries with different drug policies, and this gave us the basis to transform a space for the search for information into the production of knowledge. And whoever follows us from the beginning followed this transition with us! In addition, one of our founders brought all of her Harm Reduction baggage to this cannabis context, uniting two of our greatest passions: this beloved little plant we talked about so much and self-care.

Today, our main purpose is to disseminate quality content, focused on harm reduction strategies based on our relationship with cannabis and scientific studies, without judgment and through different media channels, to be as accessible as we can.